Music Unchained @ SXSW

15 March 2018 / German Haus / Austin, Texas (USA) 
Recreating the trust
As streaming continues to power the music industry’s growth, and as the overall use of licensed music and production of user-generated content have reached an all-time high, some of the industry’s most complex challenges have essentially become part of the mainstream discourse.

It’s 2018 and the music ecosystem – at its core - still faces the same issues very much it has from the very beginning: Reassurance of reliable, current and accessible documentation of copyright and ownership for artists, rights owners, and their advocates, as well as music licensees. Swift adaptation of the underlying administrative infrastructure to new environments shaped by technological innovation, updated regulations and changing consumer preferences. And last but certainly not least, the issue discussed most prominently (and emotionally): The need to address and facilitate fair, speedy and transparent distribution of royalties and revenue deriving from creative content to the artists and rights owners.

Indeed, it is 2018. Music business veterans still occasionally share their personal war stories of failed attempts to unite the industry’s metadata headache with a mythical Global Repertoire Database. Bystander and newbies to the circus are in disbelief how we – as a community – managed to hold on to any of these problems for as long as we did. Meanwhile, the promise of decentralized technologies and networks of distributed trust – such as blockchain – could finally be the game-changer the ecosystem might need to reset.

MusicTech Germany invites music industry professionals, developers, engineers, artists and their advocates, visionaries, and music enthusiasts to a day of open discourse, roundtable discussions and global networking centered around our ideology of innovation through collaboration and focused on the impact, the decentralized technology could have on the music ecosystem.
Who should come?
You should come if . . .

. . . you are a musician or another artist, working with music.
. . . you work in the music industry and you want to learn more about Blockchain Technology.
. . . you have a tech company, providing (Blockchain) solutions for music.
. . . you are a scientist, researching topics with touch-points to music and/or Blockchain technology.
. . . you are an educator or Blockchain expert, eager to share your wisdom and/or gain further knowledge.
. . . you are from a non-music related field but you've ideas how music or Blockchain can play a role for you in future.
. . . you are a geek, experimenting with coding and music.
. . . you are a lawyer, specialized in music rights and licensing.

Or just, if you want to ignite change, meet new people and collaborate to create tomorrow’s music ecosystem.


Panos A. Panay

Co-founder of Open Music Initiative
Founding Managing Director of BerkleeICE

Nick Yap


Marloes Pomp

Head of Blockchain Projects for Dutch Government

Trond Tornes

Eron Bucciarelli-Tieger


Dan Fowler

Strategy & Operations

Cliff Fluet

Partner at Silkin LLP
Founder Eleven

Jesse Grushack


Claudia Schwarz

MusicTech Germany

Vaughn McKenzie

CEO and Co-Founder

Todd Tate


George Howard

Professor at
Berklee College of Music
Strategic Advisor for Resonate

Yvan Boudillet

The Lynk

Joachim Lohkamp


Becky Brooks

Alex Kennedy


Maarten Bloemers

Lawyer and co-founder of GUTS tickets

Matthias Strobel

MusicTech Germany

Benji Rogers

CEO & CO-Founder
Dot Blockchain Media

Gideon Nweze

Jason Robert

Co-Founder & CEO of HelloSugoi
March 15th, 2018

Music Unchained - Blockchain for Music

Recreating the Music Ecosystem
A day of open discourse, round-table discussions, and global networking, centered around our ideology of innovation through collaboration, focusing on the impact, the decentralized Blockchain technology could have on the music ecosystem.

German Haus - Stage

   10.30 am
Breakfast (Garden)
   11.30 pm Opening Speech
Matthias Strobel, President MusicTech Germany
   11.45 pm
Panel: Off to the Races-Blockchain Applications for Music
Dan Fowler (JAAK), Maarten Bloemers (GUTS), Jesse Grushack (UJO), Nick Yap (Volareo) Moderator: George Howard (Resonate, Berklee College of Music
   12.30 pm
Lunch (Garden)
      1.30 pm
Keynote: State of the Blockchain
Cliff Fluet, Partner Lewis Silkin LLP

     2.00 pm
Fireside-Chat: Blockchain for Music
Vaughn McKenzie (JAAK), Benji Rogers (Dot Blockchain Media), Kevin Bacon (Blockpool), Cliff Fluet (Eleven)
     3.30 pm
Open Roundtable Discussion: State of the Blockchain
Panos A. Panay (OMI), Yves Boudillet (The Lynk), Becky Brooks (JAAK), Claudia Schwarz (MusicTech Germany), Marloes Pomp (Blockchprojects.NL), Trond Tornes, Joachim Lohkamp (Bundesblock), George Howard (Resonate), David Blundell (Blockpool), Eron Bucciarelli (Soundstr), Gideon Nweze (KickCity), Todd Tate (Viva Data), Wesley A'Harra (Music Ally), Dan Fowler (JAAK)
      5.00 pm Beats, Blues & Beer (Garden)
with Texas' Blues legend Michael Hardie (live)
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Garden - Stage

 11.35 pm MusicTech Community Breakfast
12.15 pm
  1.30 pm
 2.30 pm
Meet the MusicTech Innovators
 3.45 pm
The Missing Link: Workshop for Artists and Industry (Register below)
 5.00 pm
Beats, Blues & Beer
with Texas' Blues legend Michael Hardie (live)

Hands-on Blockchain Workshop

One element of this explorative day on Blockchain solutions for Music will be an exclusive hands-on workshop from 3.30 pm to 5 pm in the afternoon.
Leading Blockchain experts, lawyers and representatives from Blockchain initiatives will explain how the decentralized and egalitarian system of Blockchains work and guide you through the possible options for its implementation.

Due to limited space and for the best possible outcome of this session, we only provide 10 spots for artists and the same amount for people who work in the music industry. Please click on the button below to apply for a seat on the table.


It's not easy to keep track of all the things that are happening about Blockchain for Music. That's why we compiled a list of relevant articles on that topic.
Update your brain and HAVE A LOOK!


The first-ever Music Unchained event is about Blockchain for Music and will take place during SXSW at the German Haus on 7th street.
AUSTIN (Texas)

Music Unchained @ SXSW - Blockchain for Music Workshop

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