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How Blockchain Can Disrupt The Music Industry

In the music industry, it can overturn the tables and give power back to the people who deserve it.

Blockchain and the Music Industry: Turning Pennies into Dollars

The distributed ledger technology appears suited to manage the micro-transactional nature of streaming music

How Much Is Blockchain Technology Disrupting the Music Industry?

The digital music industry, as it is today, experiences a host of challenges that blockchain technology may has the ability to solve. A number of blockchain startups are already targeting the music industry for disruption, using blockchain technology in various way to alleviate specific problems in the industry.

Blockchain & The Music Industry

Opacity with accounting practices have plagued the industry, and, as there are often thousands of ways for a hit song to generate income, and as many middle men stand between royalties and artists being paid in a timely (and fair) way.

Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble

Yes, it’s driven by greed — but the mania for cryptocurrency could wind up building something much more important than wealth.

Shaking Up The Music Industry With The Blockchain

Innovative music cooperatives are solving the inefficiencies of the music industry by reshaping ways artists can monetize and distribute their music.

Blockchain Could Help Musicians Make Money Again

Now is the time for the music industry to take the long-view look and explore Blockchain together with its creatives for the sake of its sanity and future.

How the Blockchain Could Help The Digital Lives of Musicians and Artists

We’ve all heard about the woes of musicians and artists who can’t stop the illegal use of their work online. It’s become one of the most frustrating problems for any creative. But this is an area where I think Blockchain has the potential to help.

Music & Blockchain: What can it actually do for artists, right now?

A practical look at one of this year’s biggest technology buzzwords and the real implications for artists.

How the technology behind Bitcoin could change the music industry – and help everyone get paid

The music industry is in crisis, outpaced by the digital revolution and unwilling to innovate and adapt. With all but the top-earning musicians struggling to get paid, the promise of a new technology that could support artists at both ends of scale seems almost too good to be true.

The Future of Blockchain Needs Economics

The future will have to see the design of new decentralized markets that can build upon these platforms to tap into existing allocative inefficiencies, and empower people to coordinate with each other with incentives aligned across time.

Is Blockchain Technology the Future of Music Streaming?

Can a single company really break down the complexities of royalties and rights ownership and take an idea this involved to a mainstream audience of millions? I gotta admit: I’m a little skeptical here.

Rave culture is making its move onto the blockchain

In one sense, the rave scene has always been encrypted. In its heyday, when news of illicit parties spread by word of mouth, you just needed to know the right people.

What Is Bitcoin, Blockchain's Future in the Music Industry?

"Blockchain technology is coming like a tsunami," says Dot Blockchain CEO Benji Rogers. "Every business in this space needs to start thinking about a Blockchain strategy."

What a blockchain for music really means

Dispelling the myths and explaining how we can actually build one

Rapper Lupe Fiasco says Blockchain can 'revolutionize' the music industry

While cryptocurrencies are like "baseball cards" and vintage troll dolls that one could accumulate money through over time — Fiasco zeroed in on Blockchain technologies as an application that could specifically benefit artists.