Music Unchained

Music Unchained is not your typical, average conference. It’s an event series that has knowledge transfer at its heart. Besides inspirational talks and discussions, a variety of formats such as brain-hacks, round-tables, and hands-on workshops provide valuable insights into the music industry and the tech world alike, which lead to the identification of critical trends and new emerging value creation opportunities.
Music unchained

Recreating the music ecosystem

The rapid development of technology has changed the way how we produce, distribute and consume music but there is more to it.
Music technology opens new doors for experimentation, collaboration and musical expression, as well as new opportunities to make music creation and music experiences more accessible and compensation of artists more fair and transparent.

The digital transformation of the music industry is not a problem at all. In fact, it is an opportunity to rethink how business is conducted, how artists are treated and how music is valued. Eventually resulting in new business models and income streams.

The music business is a network business and with the increasing impact that technology has on the creation, distribution, and consumption of music, alliances between traditional music organizations, tech providers, and innovative artists are crucial to support the objectives of all parties involved.

Music Unchained is here to build those bridges in order to narrow down the knowledge gaps and value gaps to create a better understanding on how artists and the industry can benefit from new emerging technologies, enabling them to use the available tools and apply their strategies to the ever-changing environment.

At Music Unchained, we believe that transdisciplinary approaches and collaborative environments are the only way to recreate the music ecosystem.

Let’s shape the future – together!
Exchange Knowledge
The rapid development of new technologies continuously creates new opportunities for music. Since there is the word Unity in Opportunity, we believe that if we form trans-disciplinary alliances among artists, music industry actors, tech providers, scientists and other disciplines and industries, we can ignite change through collaborations and recreate the music ecosystem for the better.
Wanna be part of the change?