Recreating the Music Ecosystem

Music Unchained

Premiering 15 March 2018 / Austin, Texas (USA) 
Music Unchained is an event series for those who actively participate in shaping the digital transformation of music and its industry. Each event brings together leading experts from different areas to discuss and investigate opportunities of new technologies for the recreation of the music ecosystem.

Music Unchained is about:

- Exchanging knowledge
- Sharing of best practice examples
- Giving behind-the-scenes insights
- Discovering synergies
- Exploring new technologies
- Expanding a common network
- Joining forces


Who should come?

You should come if . . .

. . . you are a musician or an artist, working with music.
. . . you work in the music industry, interested in the digital transformation and new business opportunities.
. . . you have a tech company, providing solutions for music.
. . . you are a scientist, researching topics with touchpoints to music and/or technology.
. . . you are an educator, eager to share your knowledge and/or gain further knowledge.
. . . you are from a non-music related field but you have ideas how music can play a role in it in the future.
. . . you are a geek, experimenting with coding and music.
. . . you are a maker, building tools, and hardware which could be used for music.
. . . you are a lawyer, specialized in music rights and licensing.

Or just, if you want to ignite change, meet new people and collaborate to create tomorrow’s music ecosystem.

Music Unchained @ SXSW

Leading up to a bigger event in Berlin in fall this year, Music Unchained will be premiering on March 15th at SXSW in Austin (Texas), USA. The main topic for this very first event will be Blockchain solutions for Music.

We will investigate one of the industries oldest problems: Reassurance of reliable, current and accessible documentation of copyright and ownership for artists, rights owners, and their advocates, as well as music licensees. Swift adaptation of the underlying administrative infrastructure to new environments shaped by technological innovation, updated regulations and changing consumer preferences. And last but certainly not least, the issue discussed most prominently (and emotionally): The need to address and facilitate fair, speedy and transparent distribution of royalties and revenue deriving from creative content to the artists and rights owners.

Could Blockchain solve these problems in the future?

MusicTech Germany, the Federal Association for Music Technology in Germany, gathers leading experts of Blockchain solutions, music industry veterans, lawyers, collecting society representatives, streaming service companies and artists to discuss the status-quo of possible Blockchain implementation, the opportunities for rights-holders and the industry, and the challenges that need to be mastered.

Music Unchained will take place at the German House on 7th street.
Since the venue is rather small, space is limited, and RSVP is mandatory.


Music Unchained events are here to open new doors for innovation in the music business. The program is as future orientated as our partners. Knowledge transfer and personal real-life interactions are always at the core of each event. While creating a vibrant environment, we connect digital fore-thinkers, industry professionals, scientists, and artists in a unique way to foster collaborations with partners that are changing the way the creative industries think and operate.

Our partners play an important role in igniting change in the music ecosystem, making technologies accessible and contributing directly across all sectors.
If this sounds like you, talk to us and become part of the Music Unchained Ecosystem.
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Questions ?

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