Frequently Asked Questions

What is Music Unchained ?
Music Unchained is an event series for those who actively participate in shaping the digital transformation of music. Each event aims to investigate opportunities for new technologies in order to recreate the music ecosystem. Music Unchained is not your typical average conference. It’s an event series that has knowledge transfer at its heart. A variety of formats such as brain-hacks, round-tables, and hands-on workshops provide valuable insights into the music industry as well as the tech world, which eventually leads to the identification of critical trends and new emerging value creation opportunities. Participants and attendees interact with each other, think outside the box and generate ideas for successful implementation of joint projects. The goal is to provide the best possible environment and infrastructure for creators and industries alike.
Why another conference ?
Music Unchained is not your typical, average conference. It’s a series of events which aims to provide the best possible environment for the recreation of the music ecosystem. We are constantly developing new and innovative formats for sustainable knowledge exchange and real-life interactions on eye-level. You could call it an Un-conference if you like.
Who should come ?
You should come if . . .
-  you are a musician or an artist, working with music.
- you work in the music industry, interested in the digital transformation and new business opportunities.
- you have a tech company, providing solutions for music.
- you are a scientist, researching topics with touchpoints to music and/or technology.
- you are an educator, eager to share your knowledge and/or gain further knowledge.
- you are from a non-music related field but you have ideas and visions how music can play a role in it in the future.
- you are a geek, experimenting with coding and music.
- you are a maker, building tools, and hardware which could be used for music.
- you are a lawyer, specialized in music rights and licensing.

Or just, if you want to ignite change, meet new people and collaborate to create tomorrow’s music ecosystem.
What topics are you planning to tackle on Music Unchained events ?
Whilst music will always exist, and artists will always find ways to create new music, technology can enhance the way how we create, distribute, consume and value music. Technology and music have always been interconnected and times have never been more exciting with so many new opportunities looming on the horizon. We are up for new endeavors and have compiled a list of topics that we would like to investigate on future Music Unchained events together. Maybe with you?! Get in touch.
How does Music Unchained work ?
The rapid development of new technology continuously creates new opportunities for music. Since there is the word Unity in Opportunity, we are certain that if we form transdisciplinary alliances amongst artists, music industry actors, tech providers, scientists and other disciplines and industries, we can ignite change through collaborations and recreate the music ecosystem for the better.

We believe that conferences are lacking on one particular thing – the actual interaction of attendees and participants with each other.
At Music Unchained events you can expect new and different formats such as cross-industry round-tables and brain-hacking, hands-on workshops and long-term-hacks, besides inspiring ignite talks and open discussions. We constantly investigate new ways to make each event as beneficial and sustainable as possible for everyone involved.

We always provide food for your thoughts about the topic of each event, that you can update your brain and come prepared. Have a look!
Where and when is the next Music Unchained event going to happen ?
Music Unchained takes place at different places and on various dates. Keep an eye on the event section to find out where it is going to happen next.
Leading up to a bigger event in Berlin at fall this year, Music Unchained will be premiering with a 1-day event on March 15th at SXSW in Austin (Texas), USA. The topic will be Blockchains for Music.
What do I get with one ticket ?
That depends. Each event is different.

Besides event attendance, tickets may also include breakfast, lunch, snacks, coffee, beer, networking, discounts on products and services from partners of our Music Unchained Enabler Network, access to the Opening- and After-Party, and other benefits.

Precise information about everything that a ticket includes, can be found in the ticket section of the respective event.
How many tickets do you sell ?
That also depends on the venue’s capacity, as each event will take place at a different location.Please have a look at the ticket section of the event.
What is the Music Unchained Enabler Network?
For us, the terms partnership or sponsorship would not do justice to the importance and impact our supporters have for Music Unchained. The organisations and individuals helping to make Music Unchained happen, mean much more to us than just providing financial support or useful business connections. They ensure assistance in the continuous development of Music Unchained and help spread its influence across the globe. That’s why we refer to it as Music Unchained Enabler Network, in which every partner is significant and contributes to the success of creating tomorrows music ecosystem. JOIN THE BAND!
Why is being part of the Music Unchained Enabler Network awesome ?
Besides connecting with people, you wouldn’t meet in your daily life and gaining insights and access to technology you wouldn’t have access to normally, we can offer you customized options for getting involved with the Music Unchained Enabler Network. All depending on your level of investment and objectives.
Please contact us, and let us create the perfect partnership opportunity for you or your organization.
Who is behind Music Unchained ?
Music Unchained is curated and organized by WickedWork in collaboration with MusicTech Germany, an Innovation Enabler, Agency, based in Berlin. We don’t just want to do consultancy anymore and talk about how challenges of the future could be solved but actively shape it with new approaches and joined forces. We usually collaborate with associations and other organizations for each event. We aspire action through collaboration and education.
How can I get in touch ?
Are you interested in becoming a partner of the Music Unchained Enabler Network? Tell us how you would like to contribute.

Would you like to actively get involved in future Music Unchained editions? Let us know how.

 Do you want to host a Music Unchained event in your city? Please get in touch.

Do you have a secret source with information that you want to share with us? We are listening.

For general inquiries, please use this form.